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감리실적 Supervision

01. 법무부 / 수원구치소 신.증축 공사 책임감리용역
02. 한국지방재정공제회 / 한국지방재정공제회청사 신축공사 책임감리용역
03. 신용보증기금 / 신용보증기금 주안지점 신축공사 책임감리용역
04. 한국고속철도건설공단 / 경부고속철도 오송궤도기지 건축공사 책임감리용역
05. 양천구청  / 양천구민회관 신축공사외 2개 공사 전면책임감리용역
06. (주)대주주택 / 증산동 기억자 연립 재건축 신축공사 감리용역
07. 명신.해풍연립 재건축조합 / 신월동 명신.해풍연립 재건축공사 감리용역
08. (주)대주주택 / 용인수지 대주한신아파트 신축공사 감리용역
09. (주)벽산건설 / 쌍문동 주상복합 APT. 신축공사 감리용역
10. (주)영건산업 / 상봉동 도봉 APT. 신축공사 감리용역
01. Ministry of Justice / Responsibility Supervision of Suwon Detention Center New Construction & Extension Construction
02. Korea Local Finance Association / Responsibility Supervision of Korea Local Finance Association Construction
03. Korea Credit Guarantee Fund / Responsibility Supervision of Juan Office Korea Credit Guarantee Fund Construction
04. Korea Train Express / Responsibility Supervision of Ohsong District Base Construction, Kyoungboo Rapid Train
05. Yangcheon-gu Office / Responsibility Supervision of Yangchun Community Center Construction
06. Daeju House Co., Ltd. / Supervision of Jeungsan-dong Kierkja Multi-units House Reconstruction
07. Myoungshin, Haepung Cooperation Reconstruction Association / Supervision of Sinwol-dong Myoungshin, Haepung Multi-units
  House Reconstruction
08. Daeju House Co., Ltd. / Supervision of Yongin Suji Daeju Hanshin Apt Construction
09. Byuksan Construction Co., Ltd. / Supervision of Ssangmoon-dong Residencial and commercial Complex Construction
10. Younggun Industry Co., Ltd. / Supervision of Sangbong-dong Dobong Apt Construction